Beautiful by Design – Protective by Nature

No Leaks. No Stains. No Worries

Love All Of You (....yes leaks and bleeds)

It’s a woman’s number one self-care and stress management system. 

When you practice cycle awareness and understanding natural light leaks, emotional monthly patterns, respecting the natural highs and lows, you are living sustainably.  You will notice an increasing inner kindness towards yourself, be more aware of your needs and able to assert your boundaries harmoniously. Why aren’t we shouting this from the rooftops? Perhaps it’s time to do just that! Meet some dedicated women who are passionate about supporting you.

small changes makes big differences
For women who are mindful of self and environment

Our mission is to inspire women through beautifully designed FLOW Proof Intimates to be the difference, embrace change and help reduce worldwide waste each and every cycle!

Proudly partnered with Giggle

Socially Responsible and Supporting A Sister

An ingenious safe space to connect with women. It was an effortless decision on our behalf to align with Giggle as their core focus is supporting all things female.

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Our Eco Packaging Alliance with No Issue is contributing to global reforestation one tree at a time and supplying our customers with packaging suitable for their home compost.

La La Lady sleeps out with the CEO Sleepout to help raise funds to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty in Australia.

Encouraging women to smash the stigma around periods through conversation, education, shared experiences and better choices. Connect with us on our socials to join in.

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