Meet THE La La Lady

 Rachel Ra Ra

‘When you come from a country with such diverse natural beauty it's only instinctive that you strive to keep it that way’.

I'm Rachel, a mum, wife, daughter, aunty, a good friend to many and a menstruating woman who was obliged to reconsider how I managed my period whilst travelling Australia with my family in a caravan. Forced to accumulate my waste whilst in remote locations, it become overwhelming visualising the amount of rubbish I was producing per cycle using disposable sanitary products.
We have made the commitment as a community to switch and ditch disposable items and replace with reusable products, and La La Lady is purely an extension of an effective alternative to its single use equivalent.
Periods are private not secret. We don’t generally broadcast that we are on our period (although the amount of chocolate I eat during this time is a bit of a giveaway) and that’s why in the design phase I wanted to create a beautifully discreet piece of lingerie that women felt comfortable, confident, protected and empowered in. Although these undies have superpowers, they look like ‘normal’ underwear allowing you the privacy you deserve or the opportunity to embrace the chance to talk periods and how you are doing your part in reducing waste each and every cycle. 
It is important to me that you are proud to wear the underwear as much as I am in creating them. Its time to reinvent the way we approach periods, our language towards the topic, the stigma attached, our understanding of the cycle and how we choose to manage our periods.
This is my contribution to a better tomorrow, a permission slip to talk all things period and my way of offering confidence and empowerment to women.
Much La La Love