Socially Responsible and Supporting A Sister

La La Lady is proudly partnered with Giggle.

An ingenious safe space to connect with women. It was an effortless decision on our behalf to align with Giggle as their core focus is supporting all things female.

Through Giggle Gift an exclusive offer to Giggle App Users will be made available and a percentage of the total sales will be donated to a female dedicated charity.

We have nominated to associate with ‘The Period Project – Australia’ – which endeavours is to provide care, support and sanitary products for homeless women.

A little about Giggle     

Giggle is the collective noun for a group of girls.
A giggle girl is a daughter, a mother, a grandmother. She is a student, a professional single or married, she is an athlete an intellectual, an activist, an explorer. Giggle brings girls together for a genuine purpose
Giggle is a unique girls only social networking platform. Giggle is an introductory platform. Giggle is private and secure, where girls can avoid the harassment and abuse found on current popular platforms. Giggle is a refuge from them. Giggle sees a future where hundreds of millions of girls worldwide can connect with purpose –be that meeting new people, enhancing their life, solving problems or seeking out new opportunities.
The power of a group of girls is infinite.
Follow the link below to start connecting with purpose.