Love Your Cycle

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Your period is only one element of your cycle. Learning to love your cycle, your body and yourself can become daunting when you are unsure where to start.Your reproductive system is a beautiful and powerful system exclusive to females, and deserves to be understood and cared for like the rest of you. And through different stages of life, we flow for different reasons. Through obvulation, your bleed and your light bladder leaks, you should understand how to nuture yourself .......(with your favourite Flow Proof Intimates by your side)

Through our own journey here at La La Lady HQ we have connected with women who are just as passionate about you and the menstrual cycle as we are. If you are looking for extra support, guidance or simply just a bit curious in different areas of your cycle, we would like to introduce you to some extraordinary women who may be able help with just that.


 Susie Tagarro, The Hippie Cook and author of numerous vegan cook books offers recipes that inspire vegans, vegetarians and omnivores alike. Susie is a Gold Coast  vegan girl promoting a healthy, happy and cruelty-free lifestyle by sharing her recipes, knowledge, advice and tips with the world! She is extremely passionate about animal welfare and the environment and strives to lead a cruelty-free, socially and environmentally conscious lifestyle. She is a creative cook, Health Science graduate, passionate vegan, avid animal lover, environmentalist and yogi delivering recipes to support all phases of your cycle. Follow the link below to grab yourself one of Susie free recipes.





Jema is a women’s cycle health educator, coach, speaker, presenter, intimate event coordinator, a huge ambassador for making living healthy easy and she walks her talk!

She teaches people  the unique art of how to tune in and listen to their bodies to create radiant health and a balanced thriving lifestyle.

Choosing vitality over burn-out, exhaustion, weakness, lethargy, tiredness, bloating, blemishes, obesity, confusion and frustration! Click on the link below to receive Jema's FREE Wellness guide inclusive of a cycle tracker.